Well, I’m back from a seven month long hiatus. Since I’ve been away, I’ve accomplished something incredibly big. I graduated college! Pop out the champagne and roll out the red carpet that leads to employment and success, right? Well, no, not just yet. It’s been two months since I’ve graduated college, and I’m still looking for work. My resume is strong, I have a great personality (I can be quite the charming lady), and I have completely open availability. So why isn’t anyone hiring me? I guess these things take time. It’s pretty depressing, especially in this day and time to be sitting at home wondering what to do with your life. But you would think I’d be all sad and morose about it. Nope! Why kick myself when I’m already down? It’s a waste of time and spiritual energy. I’m currently reading Robert Greene and 50 Cent’s The 50th Law, and it is a real eye opener.I recommend it for the hungry, ambitious readers. Instead of daydreaming and sitting on my butt for countless periods of time, I can utilize my very precious days by doing something constructive. I’ve updated my blog which has reminded me how beautiful it is to share my thoughts and views with the public. It’s my virtual diary without the random excerpts of how much I hate my ex-boyfriend. I prefer to personally hand write those; more intimate (joke).

Anyway, I’m not going to be a Negative Nancy and complain about why I’m not getting any jobs. I’ll go out there and give the world some of Ms. Rose. Resilient, Respected, and Reliable. I’m young, beautiful and ready for action, and I know I have what it takes to survive. Look out world! Here I come.