It’s hard trying  to put yourself out there.

To let people recognize your deepest fears

and hope they won’t use it against you to produce your tears.

If love came with a “heart in tact/take it back” guarantee

Shoot, then I’ll be loving everybody.

But that ain’t so

And now I’ve got to go.

I gotta keep on shuffling my feet till I meet my resting place.

My secret space.

Won’t leave a trace.

How sad it is when we fall from grace.

When you fall in love, you feel so high,

But then get your heart broken and thrown back in your face.

Everybody goes through it,

It’s our rite of passage to life.

We get hurt, but we have to keep moving.

Cuz they’re more things out there that aren’t worth losing.

I got my health, my life, I have God by my side.

And I know it’s alright to say “Hey, at least I tried.”

Love is a gamble, sometimes it’s a losing game.

But it all depends on the card you’ve been dealt and how you play.

When you’re all in, there isn’t any going back.

And then you fall deep into love’s tiny little cracks.

We all want love but we’re so afraid

of getting played.

Well, that’s the gamble I’m going to take,

Even if it costs a little heart break.

Cuz the prize of wisdom and experience makes it all worthwhile.

So I can sit back and reminisce about how love made me cry and then smile.

I’m going to get out there and give you all that I have.

Ain’t nothing wrong with loving.

If you take a gamble and lose all that you had.

Cuz if you really did win, then you’ll be saying.

“Well, Love Isn’t So Bad.”