Bang. Bang.

You were just a casualty in my line of fire,

And as I watched you bleed, I asked, “What is your heart’s desire?”

Camouflaged as an unsuspecting civilian,

I went bullet, by bullet killing them.



You were a lover and a friend to Me.

But you should’ve known,

In the Battle of Love, everyone is a potential enemy.

One Shot.

Two Shots.

Three Shots.


No Guilt.

No pain in my heart as my lover hit the floor.

You’ve gotta be quick.

You’ve gotta be keen.

And even when your heart is P.O.W,


No Tears from a Queen.

Soldier of Love,

I protect all that I’ve got.

And in the midst of this never ending battle I thought I was winning,

I’ve been shot.

“Man down! Man down! Send for back-up!”

But no-one came to rescue this soldier to help her back up.

Wounded? Of course.

But what hurts more is being wounded in pride.

With eyes as cold as ice, I said “You caught me my love and now it’s time for me to die.”

As he raised his weapon, there was a sadness in his eyes, I could see from afar.

And with my dying breath, a tear, and a smile, I said,

“Darling, don’t you know Love is War?”