Thoughts consume my mind as I sit here and pour my heart out in these lines

Sitting here in the dark, in silence, with only the light from my computer to see what I’m writing

And the light from my heart that shines so bright, you cant deny what  I’m feeling.

I want to tell you all I know, and all I’ve been through, but my mouth won’t find the words to say, and I don’t

want to corrupt these feelings  I have for you or lead them astray.

It’s hard for me to speak my mind sometimes  because my thoughts come from my heart.

And if you see through that, then you see through me, then you can see what I want us to be,

To put myself out there with no guarantee…

With only my motto of “What is meant to be, will be.”

But then words are just words, they don’t hold any weight

When actions are involved and Love slowly dissipates.

I want to be ready, but I don’t think I’m ready

So I’ll just sit here and write my feelings, line after line

And hope that one day, you’ll give me a  sign.

It’s hard to love someone when your Heart has been broken.

So I sit here patiently, waiting, hoping.

To step out from my fantasy, and enter your reality , tell you how I feel

And maybe we can both go crazy …in Love.

I may be young, but I know what I need

I need someone who’s going to be there for me, to cherish me, to appreciate me, to love me.

Because in this world, no one is meant to be alone.

And I want someone to hold, someone to call my own.

I want to  kiss you, I want to feel you

I want to believe you, I want the real you.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way

There’s a sweet joy in my heart I pray won’t go away.

And you gave that to me.

No one else.

Help me repair my wounded heart and nurse it back to health?

Be my Lover, be my Friend

Come correct, and don’t pretend.

Say what u mean, if even words are just words.

Because sometimes the right words can heal a lifetime of hurt.