Rewinding time won’t keep my mind from running wild
Racy thoughts and slow breathing is all that keeps me believing.
Shooting for my dreams with a sling shot
Hoping that I make my mark somewhere
Hoping that I hit a spot
So I can have a special place to call my own
and not be owned.
Slavery is alive and well.
I know I have a chance
to make it big
and become somebody
but as of right now I am a shadow of who I want to be.
I’m a shadow of who I wish to see
I’m a shadow of me.
This invisible chains of fear, anxiety and concern shackle me to my tree of confusion
sprouting seeds of doubt.
But my spirit is strong
And it thrives
And it lives inside of me
And I break free.
And I run, and run, until I can see
where I should be.
Until I can see what I had wished to see
Until I can see beautiful me
In all my Glory.
Enslaved to my doubts
But emancipated through my mind
Emancipated through my hands.
My words and thoughts are all that I am.