Hello all. Welcome to my blog. This an internet journey to my thoughts, views and ideas on what  I find important to me. I decided to create this blog because I need an outlet for my stress. What stress can a 20 year old have? Well, college, tuition, graduation, family life, relationships, organizations, achieving honors, and overall, just figuring out who I want to be in life. Since English is my first love and my major, why not express my ideas and deepest feelings by writing about it? I’m not writing for fans, money or gratification. I’m writing because I want to. Not only is it my stress reliever, it’s my escape to my own world. And by sharing my world on the internet, I hope I find others that can connect with me and are willing to share their stories too. My first blog will be simple, since I have not much to write about at this point, and since this is the beginning of my however long journey, I know I’ll have tons more to write about in the future. So I leave saying this: My blog is a gateway to my insecurities, my strengths, my humor, my passion, my failure, my triumphs, my heartbreaks, and my loves. I am just a simple woman trying to make something of herself, and I hope others can relate to me through my stories.  I don’t know the direction I want my blog to go in, but as long as it’s moving in a positive direction, I am satisfied. Welcome to my Life. Please take your shoes off before you enter and leave your negative energy at the door. Thank you.

Ms. Rose


If you have any ideas on what topics I should discuss, feel free to leave a comment!